I provide Psychoanlaytic psychotherapy for adults, children, couples and families. I have a general practice where I work to resolve issues on a case by case basis. I do not specialize in any specific disorders or demographics. I approach each client with an open mind and a specialized set of techniques to provide psychological diagnoses. I believe that no case is the same and that experience and training outweigh psychiatric models. I have had a private practice in San Francisco for over 25 years.

Family Law and Child Custody:

Family Law is one of the most difficult areas of practice and I provide several services. I have over 20  years family law experience in San Francisco where I have worked closely with the San Francisco Family Court, attorneys, other mental health professionals, and parents. I lead best practices seminars for the San Francisco Court, Attorneys and other mental health professionals. I have been heavily involved in the concept and implementation of "Brief Focus Assessments," a new format for understanding the needs of Special Master and Family Law cases.

Family Law needs are always complex and frustrating. My philosophy is to understand the conflicts and needs of the both the parents and the children to help coach families through and incredibly difficult time. Feel free to contact me for special case recommendations - every situation is different.

Co-Parent Counseling:

Co-Parent counseling was developed in an effort to help divorcing or separating parents learn how to effectively parent. The first goal is to address issues involving the children that may include establishing agreements regarding parenting time schedules, areas for joint decision-making, and behavioral problems.  The second goal is to help restructure the parents’ communication so that they can learn to more effectively and safely interact with each other.

It is understandable that many people enter co-parent counseling reluctantly and with skepticism.  Working with parents who are often stressed and angry requires that a therapist possess the psychological insight to understand the dynamics of each of the parents and to have the ability to be both directive and strategic in his or her approach Despite how difficult this might be for parents,  research has shown that when parents are able to resolve their troubling issues and work out parenting arrangements that support their children, children respond positively and flourish in the family after separation or divorce.

Special Master/Parent Coodinater: