I serve as a resource for the court and for families who are in the process of separation, divorce and child custody issues. Often mental health professionals are used in legal matters because many of the issues that arise in family law have significant psychological relevance. In this role, a mental health professional is retained to evaluate, consult or provide expert testimony on cases that are involved in the family law.


Going through separation and divorce is never an easy process and  trying to determine the care for children after separation and divorce can be difficult and painful.  The intense feelings that parents experience about the separation and divorce and about each other often complicates the negotiation and planning around co-parenting and parenting time arrangements.  

I support parents in addressing issues involving the children including establishing agreements regarding parenting time schedules, creating and consulting on parenting plans, and discussing emotional or behavioral issues.  I  help restructure the parents' communication so that they can learn to more effectively and safely interact with each other.  


Working with parents who are often stressed and angry requires a therapist who possesses psychological insight, understands the dynamics of separation and divorce and has the capacity to be directive and strategic.  In determining co-parenting and parenting time issues, it is essential that the therapist be familiar with the developmental stages of the children.

I strive to understand the dynamics, dilemmas and problems of both parents and children, and help at both the practical and psychological level. While sometimes it can be difficult to find a solution that meets everyone's expectations, and although many parents resist or are uncomfortable working together, I attempt to help the parents sort out their  issues and create a plan that benefits the children.


  • Co-Parent Counseling and Mediation
  • Child Focused Co-Parent Counseling
  • Recommending Mediator
  • Special Master / Parent Coordinator
  • Child Custody Evaluations



  • Brief Focused Assessments
  • Divorce Coaching
  • Divorce Related Psychotherapy
  • Reintroduction Counseling
  • Legal & Attorney Consultations