About Me

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I have been In private practice for over 30 years...


I help individuals and couples express their feelings and think about their experiences in a safe and enriching environment. A fundamental aspect of my work is the creation of a trusting space in which my clients feel seen and deeply understood. Many clients come to me in high-conflict or emotionally intense moments in their lives, and our work provides a pause button in which they can manage their emotions enough to create, discover, and best consider their options.

My focus is always to develop this capacity within my clients - to help people clarify, understand, and manage their emotions so that they can think deeply about what is best for them. When people can think, they find choice about how they want to live in their lives, how they’d like to respond to difficult decisions, how they want to comport themselves in their relationship and marriage, and how to develop new skills as they learn to co-parent in a newly-reorganized family.

I serve as a resource for families who are in the process of separation, divorce and child custody issues. I provide mediation, co-parent counseling, family counseling, reunification and individual coaching as parents navigate the painful and often confusing process of reorganizing their family in ways that best meet the needs of everyone involved. I’ve worked with clients in both short- and long-term capacities depending on their needs.

I also work as an expert witness and consult with attorneys and community agencies on child custody matters, high conflict divorces and civil litigation matters. In addition, I lecture about children, parents, divorce and child custody at the local, state and national levels with mediators, therapists, lawyers and judges.


PROFESSIONAL Associations:

  • Association of Marriage & Family Therapists

  • Association of Family & Conciliation Courts

  • Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

  • San Francisco Psychoanalytic Association

  • San Francisco Psychological Association Child Custody Best Practices Committee


clinical Presentations:

  • ""Transference, Countertransference and Beyond: Building and Maintaining Boundaries as a Family lawyer"

  • SF Bay Area Bar Association October 2015
    Palo Alto Area Bar Association.

  • "The Co-Parent Couple: Psychoanalytic approach to working with high conflict separating and divorcing couples in Co-parent counseling" 

  • "How Attachment Theory Can (and Can’t) Guide Custody Decisions," State Bar of California’s Family Law Section Webinar, April 2013.

  • "How Attachment Theory Can (and Can't) Guide Custody Decisions," October 2012.

  • “Has the Pendulum Swung? Revisiting the Psychological Needs of the Child,” AFCC 49th Annual Conference, Chicago, June 2012

  • "How Learning and Psychological Styles Affect Participation in Collaborative Divorce - CoParent Counseling in High Conflict Divorce," October 2011

  • "Brief Focused Evaluation" AFCC Annual Conference, California, June 2011

  • "Expert Witness: Master’s In Trial, American Board of Trial Advocates"
    San Francisco Trial Lawyers

  • "Developmental stages of a child in relationship to time share"
    San Francisco Family Law Bar

  • "Distinctions between Mediation and Special Master in managing parenting conflicts"
    San Francisco Family Law Bar

  • "How to work as a Special Master"
    San Francisco Family Law Bar

  • "Working with high conflict families"
    San Francisco Family Law Bar

  • "Using an Expert to Prepare your Client for a Custody Evaluation"

  • "How to read and evaluate an evaluation"
    San Mateo Family Law Bar

  • "Using an Expert to Prepare your Client for a Custody Evaluation

  • "Age Appropriate Schedules and Developmental Stages of Children"
    San Francisco Psychoanalytic Association